Child Support Lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida

How does child support law work in Florida?

Child support is very well defined in Florida. If two people are getting a divorce and they have minor children, child custody and support arrangements will be a part of the divorce.

The two main factors that go into child support decisions are

(1) the income of each parent; and

(2) the amount of time the children will spend with each parent.

However, other factors can also go into the decision about the amount of child support, including health care expenses, day care, taxes as well as other issues.

It is also important to understand that child support payments are meant to help the majority parent, the parent who will have the children most of the time, pay for the expenses associated with taking care of the child. So, the decisions about child custody and time-sharing must be made before child support can be calculated.

What can a Child Support lawyer do to help me?

A good child support lawyer will make sure that you present all the information about your income and deductions is presented properly to the court. For example, allowable deductions that parents can make for the calculation of child support include the following:


  • Health insurance payments (not just for the children);
  • Daycare costs for the children;
  • Health insurance premiums for the children;
  • Federal, state and local income tax deductions;
  • Child support and spousal support being paid for a prior marriage;
  • Union dues;
  • Federal insurance payments, and
  • Mandatory retirement payments.

After taking income and allowable deductions into consideration, the number of children will be taken into account as well as whether the non-majority parent has at least 73 overnights each year. However, individual circumstances of a parent can be taken into account and courts are given the discretion to deviate from the numbers provided by the usual child support calculations. An experienced child support lawyer can help make the court’s deviations work for you.

Can a child support lawyer help me if my ex isn’t paying child support?

Absolutely. Child support is enforceable by the courts and your lawyer can help you take the steps needed to ensure you get the child support you need. Remember, if your ex is not making child support payments, do not withhold visitation rights. Florida law is very clear on this matter: even if your ex is not making payments, you must let the children visit that parent. Contact your lawyer instead, and we will take steps to get those payments back on track!

What if I can’t make my child support payments anymore? Can a Child Support lawyer help get me some relief?

Yes. As we state above, you have a right to spend time with your children even if you can’t make your payments anymore. If your circumstances have changed and you can’t meet the child support obligations the court originally ordered you to pay, contact an experienced child support lawyer to see if you can get the arrangement modified. And remember, you still have a right to see your children even if you can’t make your payments!


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