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Arrested for a DUI? If you have recently been arrested for a DUI call the law firm of Peter M. Dennis PA. With experience, understanding, tenacity, and knowledge of the legal process, he WILL get you through it. It was the worst night of your life! You never imagined you would be sitting in…


DUI Penalties in Florida

The penalties set for drinking and driving are remarkably severe in Florida. Based on the person’s DUI record or the fact that there was property damage or personal injury, the penalties can vary from probation to jail time, and everything in between. Every DUI sentence includes probation, a suspension of the driver’s license, fines, DUI…


When is DUI charged as a felony in Florida?

The offense of driving under the influence of alcohol, chemical substances or drugs can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony in Florida. There are several factors and circumstances that the allegations depend on, such as the DUI history of the suspect or whether someone was injured or killed. In Florida, DUI is typically a…

DUI attorney

Attorney Peter Dennis discusses the ongoing DUI investigation into an off duty Cape Coral police officer with Wink News

Once an arrest is made, the clock starts ticking for the prosecution. So you don’t want to prematurely start that process. You have to get as much information as possible before you do that. Read more on Wink News: (video needs Flash enabled but the article summarizes the content)